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Parking Lots

Better results for everyone

By maintaining a smaller but experienced team, we can do a wide variety of asphalt paving repair projects. Our top-of-the-line equipment allows us to produce high-quality results for all types of customers, from homeowners to businesses to general contractors.

Lincoln Paving & Overlays

How it Works

Prepare the site.

We ensure your foundation is ready-to-go. It’s important that the ground beneath your pavement is stable and that there is proper drainage so that your surface is structurally sound.

Lay the asphalt.

We determine how many layers of asphalt you need based on how the surface will be used. Each layer adds strength to your pavement. After we lay the asphalt, we roll the asphalt to get proper compaction.

Protect the surface.

If you choose sealcoating, we apply it several months later, after the asphalt has cured. If you’re installing or replacing a parking lot, we’ll add the parking stall stripes and other traffic markings.

Meeting Your Needs

We’ll work together to determine an approach, budget, and schedule to meet your goals. Our team members are friendly, professional, and flexible.

If you’re redoing your parking lot, we’ll work to ensure your business can keep running with minimal disruption. Your project like your time is valuable to us and we will work tirelessly to ensure that the final product is up to the highest standards. We’d love to help you determine the best solution for your project. Please contact us for all your asphalt paving & repair needs!

Parking Lot and Driveway Maintenance

Protecting your investment

Create a custom plan to keep your driveway or parking lot in great shape.

Protecting your investment

Create a custom plan to keep your driveway or parking lot in great shape – Lincoln paving & overlays

Protect your pavement.