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Lincoln Paving Asphalt Repair and Patching Lincoln Asphalt paving and overlays home feature2 - Driveway Repair
Lincoln Paving Asphalt Repair and Patching Lincoln Asphalt paving and overlays home feature - Driveway Repair
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Driveway Repair

Heavy vehicles and Lincoln’s constant freeze-thawing cycles can cause driveway damage, such as dents, cracks and holes. We’ll examine the damage to determine the best repair option depending on your driveway material. Luckily, professional driveway repairs can extend the life of your driveway and are more affordable than replacement.


APMS offers the best in Lincoln when it comes to Driveway Repair

Here are some ways to repair your driveway: 

  • Crack sealing is a procedure where the cracks are blown clean of debris and a hot sealant is applied to the cracks to prevent water intrusion.
  • Crack repair is a method where the sunken, cracked asphalt is replaced with new asphalt. 

If your driveway needs crack repair, you have a couple options: 

  • Infrared seamless patching method is effective, less disruptive and often used to repair driveway holes, larger cracks, wheel dents and depressions. We heat the existing top layer of failed pavement back to its original paving temperature. Then we rake out the damaged area and add new asphalt to blend the hot-mix asphalt with the original surface. Finally, we compact the area to leave a seamless patch. 
  • We also use pavement milling (cold planing) to remove the failed surface area from your driveway. Milling generally removes 2-3” inches of the top layer of damage so we can add new pavement over the existing base.


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