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Your Pavement is Constantly Under Attack

Unprotected asphalt pavements are damaged and ultimately destroyed by a continuous assault from the effects of water penetration, freeze-thaw cycles, ultraviolet radiation, deicing salts and gasoline or oil leaks, pavement sealer provides a protective barrier against these destructive elements. This is why it is critical to preserve your investment by regularly sealcoating your pavement.

America’s Pavement Maintenance Specialist Inc has provided professional asphalt paving repair services for over 28 years to the Lincoln Area . Since our inception, our philosophy has consistently been integrity and honesty. With this we can provide the best customer experience in the industry. Whether it’s a simple hot crack sealing job, sealcoating a parking lot or driveway and or a complete tear out and replacement of a pot hole. We want to exceed your expectations at every step of the process. We guarantee our professionals will complete your project utilizing the best products and tools in the industry. We work to anticipate your needs and are committed to building relationships lasting well into the future. When an odd issue does arise, we will work with you to resolve them satisfactorily.

We believe an honest, professional workmanship will always trump LOW prices in the end. Low cost is that way for corners to be cut with the product, workforce isn’t compensated well or experience is lacking. In any case, your project deserves the professionalism and high-quality A.P.M.S provides!
APMS Sealcoating extends the life of asphalt surfaces with our high-quality sealcoating services. Our material and methods used to apply this coating is unmatched in this area. Our biggest and longest running customers is the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

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Refined tar is a by-product of the steel manufacturing process. Unlike asphalt based pavement sealers, refined tar is not derived from, nor does it contain petroleum and so does not directly contribute to the depletion of our oil reserves.

By using refined tar as an effective means to protect and extend the life of your pavement, Brewer Cote reduces the need for costly repairs and limits the need for recycling or landfill disposal when it deteriorates.

Over 90% less energy is consumed in the manufacture and installation of Brewer Cote compared to a 1 ½ inch asphalt overlay for the same area.


Pavement sealers made from refined tar provide superior protection compared to sealers made from asphalt and other resins. Refined tar resists gasoline and oil spillage, rain, snow, ice and the sun’s UV rays. Brewer Cote is a 100% refined tar based pavement sealer.

With the highest levels of solids content in the industry, Brewer Cote offers a more concentrated sealer for a maximum protection. This commitment to quality enables Brewer Cote to last considerably longer than other sealers. Brewer Cote customers seal their pavements less often and save money.

Brewer Cote is manufactured using a colloid mill process which delivers unsurpassed product consistency and superior wear resistance. Brewer Cote also meets or exceeds all Federal Specifications for composition and performance.


Sealcoating prevents asphalt pavements from being softened by gasoline or oil drippings, oxidized by the sun’s UV rays, structurally damaged by deicing salts opr water penetrating the pavement surface and expanding when it freezes. Sealcoating significantly extends pavement life and reduces the need for costly repairs and maintenance.

Unprotected asphalt pavements turn gray as the binder oxidizes and erodes away. In addition to becoming more susceptible to further degradation, the gray surface makes striping and other pavement markings more difficult to see. Snow and ice take longer to melt. Sealcoating restores the deep black color of brand new pavement. Your asphalt pavement looks more attractive, striping and safety markings stand out again and it sheds snow or ice faster.


Look no further. We value quality & integrity above all else.