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Lincoln Pavement Maintenance

Who We Are

We are a family-run business committed to giving our customers a better experience and longer-lasting results. Our team at Lincoln Pavement Maintenance is small but mighty and works with all types of customers, from general contractors to businesses to homeowners. Regardless of the job, we’re committed to the same thing—great looking asphalt pavement that lasts.

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The APMS Difference: Lincoln Pavement Maintenance

Why businesses, contractors, and homeowners choose APMS

Better equipment

We have the right equipment for each job. Whether it’s a top-of-the-line paving machine or infra-red patching technology, our equipment allows us to deliver industry-leading, high-quality work.

Flexible solutions

Our nimble team can accommodate schedules and fix urgent problems. We create custom plans to keep your surface well-maintained. Whether you want a quick fix or long-term durability, we’ll meet your unique goals.

Long-lasting results

We don’t do things the easy way—we do them the right way. From using better materials to paying attention to detail, we care about delivering high-quality results. That’s why our work often lasts three times longer than the industry standard.

Industry experience

With three decades of asphalt paving repair experience, we can solve many problems before they happen. From small residential jobs to big commercial projects, we’ve seen it all. Our extensive experience helps us understand when to use tried-and-true methods and when it’s the right time to innovate.



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